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August 24-29 days according to the project of the Union of local community organizations of Lithuania and the Ukrainian partners ' (NGO Youth alternative), ' the creation of a network of youth organisations in the herson, nikolaevo, Kirovogorodo and Poltava regions of Ukraine ' Young Leaders Academy took part in adapting the experience of the Lithuanian Union of local communities, funded by the Programme for Development cooperation and Democracy support, attended by P 15 youth representatives from Ukraine and LITHUANIA.

Project "the creation of a network of youth organisations from the Ukrainian herson, nikolayevo, Kirovogorodo and Poltava fields to adapt the experience of the Lithuanian local Communities union"-funded programme for Development cooperation and democracy support Funds. 

Only after arriving from ukraine, a meeting was held with the members of the Vilnius City Užupis community who presented their activities and welcomed all those who came to Ukraine's independence day. On the 25th of august, young people hasted to be an antalier in the Zarasai Region. The peers were waiting for them from Lithuania. The first day of the Academy was devoted to Familialisation and insight into itself as a leader, the formation of the team, motivation and principles of good governance within the youth Organisation. Evening Creative Task-to Make the project publicity T-shirt.

On the second day, young people discussed the issues of the youth of Ukraine and Lithuania and tried to look for Solutions. Youth of Lithuania highlighted the following negative trends in Lithuania: State ageing, high taxes, people disappointed by power, low opportunities for young people to start a business, decreasing motivation for members of ngos, emigrating parents, small organisations decline The exclusion of children and parents is an increase, and the old traditions are forgoing. In a positive trend, young people have identified: opportunities for young people to participate in projects and Children's day centres in regions, increasing attention to socially disadvantaged people, being free and free to express their opinions, Coordinators who help small organisations, thanks to EU projects, many sports pitches and public spaces for young People. Ukrainian youth highlighted the following challenges for ukraine: corruption, outdated education systems, emigration, more radical people, lack of infrastructure for young people, lack of live communication, because information Technology is increasingly overwhelmed, youth reluctance to learn the working specialties, low cost of living. The positive trend has been focused on: an increasing number of patriotic people, more and more young people are involved in politics, more opportunities for young people to learn languages, more use of information technology, an increasing number of international exchanges, Youth programmes, Improving the legal framework for youth Policy. In summary of their problems, young people have tried to search for solutions and generate common design ideas.

We are grateful to the President of the Association of local Authorities of the heads of government kęstutis, who not only participated in the debate "cooperation between local government and youth", but also shared their experience of representing their organisation, To cooperate with local authorities, ministries and the Seimas of the Republic of LITHUANIA. 

That the theory heats in the seminar is no different from the practice Ukrainian youth had the opportunity to ascertain Themselves. An external day of the Academy was organized into the districts of Zarasai and Utena on 28 August. We visited infrastructure projects for young people in the Zarasai district, and renovated a cultural center and Gallery. In Antazavė we have acquainted with the young people designed for infrastructure projects, we visited the holy place near the lake of the village, a sacred site, and Shlyninka's Water Mill became familiar with the peculiarities of Community business. Aksana vorobjova, The mayor of the municipality of zarasai, participated in the meeting with Nicholas gusevas, and youth coordinator of the Municipality. After a short overview of the youth areas of Zarasai town we rushed to utena, where he held a meeting with the representatives of Utena Vvg. During the meeting, guests were presented with the lags ' Utena Region. At the meeting, he attended the "round table" president of the Utena public youth organisations ' Rowan Mountain. Guests from Ukraine had many questions about youth activities, initiatives, projects and cooperation with local Governments.

On 29 August It was the last day of the academy to get acquainted with youth policy makers in lithuania, the Ministry of Social Security and labour and the Seimas of the LR. Youth in Ukraine have been watching this opportunity, because they sit together and debate with the vice-minister so far a dream has been hardly reached. The meeting involved jrd, unba, sadm, who received a number of different youth Issues. We are pleased that our delegation was visited by the Department of the Ministry for Development Cooperation and democracy support for development co-minister, Rūta George.

In lithuania, in the seimas, with a member of the parliament, a demographic and regional policy, the work of the mayors was talked About. Young people were in the way of fighting corruption in LITHUANIA. Ukrainians stressed the importance of history, culture projects and a range of programmes to help them communicate with young people in Lithuania and to deepen their English language skills.

The last evening was addressed to the Academy discussion, the future of plans and a virtual collaboration platform for discussion, in which young people from Lithuania and Ukraine are planning to continue generating joint ideas, drafting projects and tackling youth Issues.

We sincerely thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Development Cooperation and democracy support Programme for funding of this Project. We thank the financial sponsor of this young Leaders academy, the Association of Local government heads of Lithuania. For assistance in preparing the young leaders ' academy, Thank you to the Ministry of Social Security and labour, Local action groups of Zarasai-visagino and Utena region, the laboratory "honey". 

The final visit to Ukraine is planned at the end of september, during which the results of the projects and the newly created virtual collaboration platform will be presented at press Conferences. 

Chairman of the Lithuanian Union of local community organizations, project manager Naresh K

The young leaders of the academy photo

The Camp's impressions are published in photo alb
ums: Day of young Leaders ' academy,
II the young Leaders Academy Day. (I
II) Day of the young leaders Academy.
(IV) the day of young leaders ' acade
my. (V) Day of young leaders Academy.

LVBA president, project manager Naresh K

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