In Lviv and the Ukrainian project ended

The Union of local community organizations in Lithuania has completed its project for a programme for development cooperation and democracy support, "the creation of a network of youth organisations in the herson, nikolaevo, Kirovogorodo and Poltava areas of Ukraine to Experience of the Union of local communities in Lithuania ".

September 25-29, 2015, during the press conference in ukraine, which presented the results of the project and the virtual collaboration platform WWW. Lituk. EU will ben
efit from this platform for further youth organisations and local Community-based Cooperation. Upon request of the project partners, this platform includes the ability to register and budget organisations looking for partners in Lithuania or UKRAINE.

In the press conferences, the project manager, Reda kneizesh, presented a project activities and a virtual collaboration platform. The Vice-Presidents of the Lithuanian Local government heads of the project partners Spruce-up and Nikki J has shared its experiences and insights on cooperation between local governments and Non-governmental Organisations. The chairman of the "biger" of the guar ore municipality, and the chair of the youth club "biała", wrote about the activities of its leading organisations and shared experience about Motivatory Measures.

With the project partners ' "youth alternative" of the Ukrainian youth organisations network, Ludmila Kudina presented the activities of project partners at the press conferences and shared the usefulness of the project of Ukrainian youth Representatives.

The last visit to Ukraine began in pervomaisko, where we met with Deputy Mayor Sergey Bondarchuku. He was a participant in training and youth academy in LITHUANIA. Sergey is one of the participants who began the practice of working in Lithuania and plans to set up a youth council in the municipality, composed only of representatives of young People. The meeting shared a experience about the activities of municipal youth councils in Lithuania.

The first press conference in Kirovograde took place on 26 september. It was a pleasure to meet the people already familiar, who were the participants of the Project. They shared their impressions from the Project's activities. Press conferences were attended by local journalists who prepared press Releases.

On 27th September the meeting was held at Hersone. We were pleasantly surprised, because we were invited to participate in the radio broadcast "days of the day" and divide their insights with the Listeners. The last press conference in Nikolayevo was held on 28 september. Here we are taken by mayor of nikolayevo, Aleksandr senkiewicz. It was a pleasure to hear that the mayor is working closely with youth organisations and understands that young people are the future of the country and the attention they require. That it is not just empty words, has also been confirmed by local youth organisations who welcomed cooperation with the city Municipality.

Youth organisations, together with local municipalities, are organizing a wide range of civil equity, Environmental Management projects, activating local populations to sort waste and other social initiatives. This press conference was drafted by the regional television reportage.

I sincerely want to thank the experts of this project who in their time to share their times with their own experiences with partners in Ukraine: for the representatives of Lvbos: jolantai, a candidate for marauchuk, Olegui beriozovsky, audric Representatives of municipal authorities of elders Kęstutis vintos, Jurbarko District brooch Valentine kucinui, Jonava. He was a head of the seal of rukla, the elder son of Marijampole. I thank the local action groups of Zarasai-visagino and utena, and the community of the Vilnius City Užupis for helping to organize the young Leaders ' Academy in Lithuania.

We believe that the results of the project will affect Ukraine's Democratic Processes. It was a pleasure to see young people's willingness and determination to work for their Country's well-being. We understand that it is difficult to achieve great results in the 7-month project, but youth initiatives are encouraging and hoping for further Cooperation. It was very pleased to work with the project partner, the "youth alternative" network of Ukrainian youth organisations, which helped to organise training, press conferences, selecting Project participants, publiciating the project and Reporting.

All those wishing to participate in project work with Ukrainian partners are welcome to register with the new virtual cooperation Platform

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