The teachings of Hersone ended

Delegation of the Union of local community organizations in Lithuania in the Development cooperation Project "ukrainian Association of herson, nikolaevo, Kirovogorodo and Poltava regions youth organisations to adapt the Union experience "completed The second three seminar by Hersone.

It was a pleasure to communicate with motivated young people who were interested in the experience of Lithuania and shared the projects they had implemented. It is encouraging that representatives from the various sectors participated in the Seminar: local representatives who are responsible for working with young people, the vice-presidents, advisers, leaders of Youth organisations, and business Representatives. 

We say goodbye to youth not for long. In august, a delegation of 15 people will come to Lithuania to take part in the young Leaders ' academy. 

Project "the creation of a network of youth organisations from the Ukrainian herson, nikolayevo, Kirovogorodo and Poltava fields to adapt the experience of the Lithuanian local Communities union"-funded programme for Development cooperation and democracy support (ministry of foreign affairs).

Seminar photo is Here

The president of Red
a Kneizevičienėlvba

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