Starting a project with Ukraine

13 February 2018 Lvbos has reached a great news from the Central project Management agency, that dedicated funding for our project "the creation of a network of youth organisations in the area of Ukraine in cherson, nikolaevo, Kirovogorodo and poltava, by adapting local communities in Lithuania Experience of the Union '. The project is submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania within the framework of the development cooperation and democracy assistance Programme. 2018 M. The project is funded through the Programme for Development cooperation and democracy Support.

The aim of this project is to develop cooperation between local communities and youth organisations based in the Lithuanian Association of local communities in the framework of the partnership between the areas of cherson, nikolaevo, Kirovogorodo and Poltava To involve young people in decision-making processes.
Project Objectives:
1. Workshops in the fields of cherson, nikolaevo, Kirovogorodo and Poltava on ' access to public management of young people ';
2. 5 Days Young Leaders ' Academy in lithuania;
3. Establish a virtual cooperation platform with the possibility to search for EU partners, Exchange information, consult;
4. Organise 3 publicity events with press conferences in the field of cherson, nikolaevo, Kirovogorodo by presenting the collaborative platform, project results, opportunities for participation in EU project Activities. W
e need to revise the project activities in accordance with the evaluators ' comments by 21 february. The project is intended to sign the execution contract at the beginning of March. The project will be implemented until 1 October 2018.
We are glad that we will be able to share our expertise with partners in UKRAINE.

The Council of Lvbos discussed the project activities and the schedule of activities Clarified. 

LVBA president, project manager Naresh K

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