Lvbos and Ukraine Co-project first meetings

On the 27th of april, in kropyvnicki, ukraine, chairwoman of the Lithuanian Union of local community organizations R. Kneizkumar and representatives of the Union in partnership with partners ( started Co-operation Project "the establishment of a network of youth organisations in ukraine, herson, nikolaevo, Kirovogorodo and poltava, adapting the experience of the local communities union of Lithuania".

The first meeting started with a seminar on "opportunities for young people to participate in public management". We believe that these 3 days are useful to young people from the Kirovograd and Poltava Region. The fir
st day of the seminar in Ukraine on ' access for young people to public administration ' was devoted to familiarize themselves with the Ukrainian self-government regulation and to discuss concrete ways in which young people can participate in public management. Under current legislation, the members of the municipal Council of Self-Government report annually to Voters. The reporting form is chosen by the Mps. Often this is an article in the press, in social networks. There are also consultations (open, E-survey or questionnaire), (required for at least one year). Criticism is usually spoken, there are many emotions, sometimes even in the face of a complacence, or local people. The young people in the working groups discussed the pros and cons of these forms and shared their experience
s. After Southern Lvbos spokesman Oleg Beriozovas presented the possibilities of the Lithuanian NGO sector to represent public administration, organisation of youth organisations and its experience in youth organisations and in Vilnius. Communities in the Union. In the eve
ning, the Lithuanian delegation visited the city park, used to be a famous tulip and we were communicating in informal settings. Youth in Ukraine were interested in issues of emigration, economic and youth Employment. Young people were delighted with the Project's access to the experience of Lithuania and with impatience awaits a visit to lithuania, where the joint Young Leaders Academy will be HELD.

Project "the creation of a network of youth organisations from the Ukrainian herson, nikolayevo, Kirovogorodo and Poltava fields to adapt the experience of the Lithuanian local Communities union"-funded programme for Development cooperation and democracy support (ministry of foreign affairs).

More meeting photos are here:

Lvbos president, project Manager R. Kneizer

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