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July 25-27 in ukraine, following the invitation of partners under the development cooperation programme, "the creation of a network of youth organisations in herson, nikolayevo, Kirovogorodo and Poltava in the fields of The Union's Experience "took place a meeting cycle with the Herson County NGOs and honorary Conquiu of the Herson region, Viktor and his Team.

The Lithuanian delegation was composed of LVB President Reda Kneizuu and the World Lithuanian knowledge cable presenter, Jessy mastavičius, who presented the Lithuanian communities of Ukraine with the opportunity to publicize its activities on the World Network of Lithuanian communities and shared Experience on the publicisati
on of NGO Activities. During kiev, a meeting was held with the Ukrainian NGO "Мережа правового розвитку", which is an umbrella organisation and advises NGOs on legal issues. It was interesting to familiarize with the umbrella Republican organization, which has even 24 branches throughout the UKRAINE.

Cheron is a city near the Crimean Peninsula. It was once a southern border of the Grand Duchy of lithuania, and now here is a guard tower of times, respectfully known as the Tower of Trent. today, that tower is probably the only witness of Lithuania's grandeur in those places. A
visit to Hersone was launched in the Eu-ukraine information centre. There was a round table on "eu opportunities for ukraine", which discussed Ukraine's access to EU integration processes in international projects. It is currently being prepared by a virtual collaboration platform between Lithuania and Ukraine. This virtual space will accommodate all information about Lithuanian and Ukrainian ngos, as well as various funding sources, which will enable more NGO projects between Lithuanian and Ukrainian Partners.

It was a pleasure to be acquainted with Herson Gymnasium's initiative to organize essay contest "lithuanian and Ukrainian history". The students wrote essays and viewed Lithuanian culture, tradition and Customs. The contest winners in August will arrive for the first time to visit Lithuania and see the edge, where the competition was only familiar ONLINE. It was a pleasure to participate in the educational program "vytautas the tower" and from 5 kopeks coins to construct this tower Layout. It is interesting to emphasise the fact that Kopeks is developed for the education of this tower, and is collected by the entire school Community.

The most important meeting of the visit was with the honorary conquish of Viktor Popovu, the director of the Lithuanian cultural Centre Natalia-kendra b The cooperation opportunities of Lithuanian-ukrainian NGOs and the development of tourism in the region were Discussed. It was nice to hear and see that the willingness to collaborate with Lithuania is based not only on words but on concrete Work. Hersone is already working on the Ukrainian-lithuanian cultural center, which takes care of Lithuanian preservation of historical memory in Ukraine. A large job was carried out to bring Trent's Tower to a list of items to be retained by ukraine, as politicians were in a desire to expand the nearby hydroelectric power plant and demolish the Tower. Currently there is an archaeological excavation, which reaffirms the fact that in these neighborhoods there is still much undiscovered historical facts about the period of the LDK. It was nice to see how the Ukrainian volunteers carefully followed the little treasure of the Earth to discover the traces of Lithuanian history. In the course of the meeting, the possibility of organising the team of volunteers in lithuania, which would be involved in the joint work, was Discussed. It was interesting to visit the city of Nova kahovka, which is next to Vytautas Tower. This year in the city of the Soviet years, the Volunteers initiative will reborn the old houses for a new life. This is an initiative of a beautiful scientists and local Community.

During the visit, meetings took place, and consultations with the Herson regional authorities, which are responsible for the development of the NGO sector in the Region. It was interesting to familiarize with the opinion of local authorities about the activities of NGOs (especially youth organisations). Together with the Herson Lithuanian steering group, we participated in a practical conference, which introduced concrete initiatives of Lithuanian NGOs in the implementation of the EU Programme's LEADER regional strategies, as well as cooperation between local communities in Lithuania Lithuanian communities of the WORLD.

We are grateful to Herson for new partners for a carefully prepared visit program. We believe that consultation, expertise sharing will encourage NGOs in cooperation between Lithuania and UKRAINE. We are farewell to partners not for long. On the 24th of August 15 youth delegation arrives in and together with Lithuanian youth will attend the young leaders Academy.

Project "the creation of a network of youth organisations from the Ukrainian herson, nikolayevo, Kirovogorodo and Poltava fields to adapt the experience of the Lithuanian local Communities union"-funded programme for Development cooperation and democracy support (ministry of foreign affairs).

Photos of Meetings:

Overview of meetings

Meeting in Kiev

Meeting with honorary condo Hersone

LVBA President Karthik K

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