Співпраця з розвитком


Development cooperation


Regional development in Ukraine by strengthening partnership between municipal institutions and local communities

Partner country


Area of cooperation

Regional development and strengthening of self-government


Promote economic and social development in the regions of Ukraine


  • Increase awareness of the Ukrainian regional population about the progress, impact and benefits of European integration;
  • Increase the involvement of young people, women, people with disabilities and the elderly in the activities of self-government and local communities;
  • Strengthen the partnership between municipalities and communities in the regions.

Target groups

Ukrainian regional self-government, representatives of local communities.

Estimated duration of project implementation

From March 1, 2018 to November 1, 2018 (depending on the activities planned, contracts may be signed for a longer period).

Additional information

  • Experience in implementing projects of similar nature.
  • Experience in cooperation with partners in Ukraine.
  • Financial contribution of the applicant and / or other additional sources of financing.

Deadline for submission of applications

Deadline for the submission of applications for projects is October 31, 2017 24:00 (local time).


Development Cooperation Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
J. Tumo-Vaižganto St. 2, Vilnius
Tel: +370 706 52985
E-mail: projektai@urm.lt; http://www.orangeprojects.lt

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