The teachings began with Hersone

Second courses in the Ukrainian city of Cherson started under the development cooperation LVD Project "the creation of a network of youth organisations in the Ukrainian region of cherson, nikolaevo, Kirovogorodo and Poltava in the framework of the European Union of local communities of Lithuania Experience '. 

The first day of the seminar was read by the President Kęstutis vilkauskas, Lithuanian Association of Local Authorities. Participants of the seminar were interested in the Lithuanian system of self-government, they were interested in hearing the problems of local people, as we add citizens to the work of the lowest self-governing Municipality. At the end of the first day, participants presented their expectations and main issues that they had arrived to Attend.

Today's report will be will will be will will be will by Lvbos Council member Basha M I will share my experience on the activities of local communities, youth organisations and open youth spaces in LITHUANIA. Tomorrow Lvbos chairwoman will present the work of Lithuanian umbrella organisations, sharing experiences about EU programmes for young people and the EU LEADER programme. 

It is a pleasure to observe that the youth and youth workers of ukraine, local authorities are interested in Lithuania's experience and discussions are about what can be applied in UKRAINE. 

The first day photo is here

Lvbos Information.

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